Pete Robson






Like many blues albums of old, The Red Album was recorded in my own living room. But this is not an attempt to replicate an authentic sounding blues recording, instead my intention was to record in the same environment where this album is intended to be listened to. Of course you are welcome to listen in any environment you choose, but if you would like to enjoy this album with me, then please play this album at a natural volume, late in the evening, with the lights down low. And for company pour yourself a Spiced Rum with Ginger Beer and  a squeeze of lime.


Three Tracks of Blues was a limited edition EP which is no longer available. Each track, was recorded in a different location, the aim was to create an atmosphere that would compliment each song. Every CD case was made by hand using recycled card and Duck tape. Although I was very proud of the unique packaging, high demand made it impossible to maintain.

Limited Edition

no longer available